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Forlaget Ragnar

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Welcome to my website and thank you for stopping by.

On my website you can follow when my upcoming novel, Bjergtaget, which is a historical novel from 1930s Germany and up to the end of World War II.

In addition, you can download my horror short story, Højsangen for free. You can also read both an excerpt from Bjergtaget ”and“ Højsangen ”on the website.

Right now I am working on my next project, which is also a historical novel. Yes, I admit that I love historical novels. And love to nerd me through thick textbooks about the different historical periods. My new project is about the Dane, Malthe Conrad Bruun, who was exiled around 1800 the year after P. A. Heiberg's exile. Malthe Conrad Bruun ended up becoming world famous as a geographer, but remained largely unknown in Denmark. I have chosen to write a novel about this fascinating man, and the title is already in place: The Weathercock. Why I chose this title, you have to wait a bit to find out.

Hope you may have become a little curious after reading Bjergtaget and Højsangen and are still hanging on to my upcoming novel. Thank you for visiting, I hope to see you again😊

Hannah Lie

Hannah Lie

Lives in Denmark

 Master of Theology

from the University of Copenhagen.


Two children.

Singing in a choir.

Member of Oppe Sundby's parish council.

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Kirstens Foto


My choice of name for the publisher is both a good and a sad story. The good story is that the name "Ragnar" was my father's middle name, it is a Norwegian name because my grandfather was a Norwegian sailor from Bergen. My grandfather was an elderly gentleman. Long before I was born, he had been dead for several years. So the name Ragnar is a tribute to my Norwegian roots, but also to my father, who died far too soon. Choosing the name Ragnar means something special to me and it has a good, strong sound.


In the late 1930s in Germany, the young, inexperienced village girl Trudel Zorn is offered a job in Hitler's dog kennel at the Berghof. Trudel has no idea that she looks like Hitler's great love, Geli Raubal, who committed suicide at the age of 22.

At Berghof, Trudel, the Nazi luminaries, Martin Bormann, Himmler and Heydrich experience up close. But beneath the orderly surface, the passions lurk and threaten the enviable existence Trudel has ended up in.

Soon World War II breaks out and Trudel is confronted with the fact that she may not be the racer. Now, at Heydrich's mercy, she is living a deadly double life.



Søren is a teacher at a Catholic private school and in love with one of his students. Søren's girlfriend is struggling to get his attention because she wants them to have a child together. But Søren has only one wish - that the girl from 7. C sees him.

But one day Søren makes an eerie discovery at school, and mysterious things begin to happen.

Bewitched and the House of Berghof


The beautiful dog

Elise…. come here!" Hewel looked to the side and saw a dog heading out in front of the open Mercedes. He was startled and shouted at the driver, "Stop." The driver slammed on the brakes and the car slid out a little. He straightened up and saw the most beautiful dog he had ever seen, completely black. It looked at him with big, amber eyes. Again he heard the name, "Elise." The dog hesitated for a moment, which is why he spotted the young woman calling to it. She looked like one he had seen before. No, that could not be right, she was dead. At once the woman bent down and kissed the dog on its forehead. He had never seen anything more beautiful.

"Can I drive on now?" asked the driver.

"Wait a minute," Hewel replied. "What is one of the Driver's dogs doing here?"

"I do not know. Maybe one of the Lady's girlfriends airing it? ”

“It's a little far away from the house… well! Just keep going. ”

The car reached the Führersperrgebiet, and the guards waved them on. He was looking forward to stretching his legs after the long trip from Berlin.